College is a wonderful time in your life, there is so much to learn and explore and you are getting to know yourself and the world as a real adult. But college and university can be very expensive and even if you saved up and planned there are always emergency expenses that need to be taken care of. Tribal Loans Direct can help you get a short term personal loan to get you through those tough times at college. We have loans specially designed with students in mind and our friendly, experienced loan providers will work hard to make sure you get the right short term personal loan for college students in no time!

Not everyone has help from their family to pay for college. We’re sure you spend many hours researching scholarships and grants to help cover your tuition. These are expenses you can plan for and have saved up for in advance. There are many expenses associated with college that come up at the last minute that you just simply cannot plan for. Tribal Loans Direct is here for you in those times. We can provide loans with many different values and terms and repayment plans and we are sure we can find the right short term personal loan for your college student financial emergency. 

Textbooks are getting more and more expensive every semester, how are you supposed to be able to keep up with the cost. You get paid next week but you need to buy those books now so you can stay on top of your classes and succeed at this wonderful university. By filling out our quick and easy loan application online, you can be matched with a loan provider in less than 24 hours and have money in your account the same day. Get those textbooks you need right now with an experienced and friendly loan provider who can walk you through all of the steps to get you a short term personal loan for college student emergency expenses today. 

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Are you an unemployed college student looking for a quick emergency loan? No problem! We at Tribal Loans Direct specialize in helping college students through their tough financial times even if they are unemployed, have bad credit or even no credit! We never run an employment verification or credit check and every application is guaranteed for approval. Don’t let bad credit or unemployment stop you from making your dreams  come true. Let us help you get the short term emergency student loan that you need with the best terms and repayment plan that fits you just right. 

No matter your circumstance we can find the perfect loan for you as an unemployed college student. Our perfect fit loan term can cover small, medium and large personal loans – up to $5000 dollars! You’ll be able to get the perfect loan amount to help get you through your financial emergency. Repayment will be easy and straightforward. You should always know and be confident in the terms of any loan you take out. The loan providers that Tribal Loans Direct can match you with will make sure all of your loan terms and repayment plans and options are clean and easy for you to understand. We strive for transparency. We can offer repayment plans that span a wide range of time from just a few weeks to 2 month personal emergency loans for college students, 3 month personal emergency loans for college students, 6 month personal emergency loans for college students, 12 month personal emergency loans for college students, 18 month personal emergency loans for college students, 24 month personal emergency loans for college students and even 36 months or more!

Maybe you have to buy your textbooks before payday, pay fees and dues to your sorority or fraternity, put down a security deposit on a new apartment or get you car fixed in the middle of the semester when the starter dies unexpectedly. Financial burdens pop up al the time and we are not always prepared to handle them, especially as a college student. You might have bad credit or no credit at all and you might not even have a job so you can focus on your studies. That’s all totally fine! Tribal Loans Direct does not run a credit check or employment verification before guaranteeing approval  for its short term emergency loans for college students. 

You should be worrying about passing your classes and learning as much as you can when you are in college, not about every little expense that comes up. When you find yourself in a financial emergency as a college student you should turn to Tribal Loans Direct to help you find the perfect short term emergency loan for college students that we can provide. Just fill out our quick and easy online application and be matched with a loan provider right away – expect a call back in less than 24 hours! You can often get the cash you need the same day. Credit and employment and no big deal with our approval guarantee and no credit or employment check. Just bring yourself and the problem you need to fix and we’ll help put you on the right track to fixing your problem right now and your long term college success. 

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Jennifer S. from Dallas was so excited to start college. She had been saving up for many years and was overjoyed to finally be able to go back to school to learn how to do her dream job, to be a nurse. Jennifer loved helping people and was positive she was going to make a huge impact on her community and save countless lives working at the local hospital as a nurse. She was ready to take the first steps by going back to school for a degree in nursing. As the first few days of the semester began Jeffifer started to worry about paying for all of her books and supplies. 

All of the professors said their books were mandatory and required and that all of the supplies had to be purchased at the school bookstore where they cost twice as much! Jennifer had done a very good job saving up to pay her tuition but hadn’t expected the books and materials to cost quite this much. Sure, she had a job but she didn’t get paid until next week and she didn’t want to fall being duin the first week. She had been living paycheck to paycheck for so long her credit was not very good and she was afraid that she would waste a lot of time and energy to apply for a traditional bank loan just to get turned away or be giving impossible repayment terms. 

One of her fellow nursing students noticed Jennifer’s problem and offered a great suggestion. He had recently used Tribal Loans Direct to get a small, short term personal loan for students with bad credit to help him cover some unexpected car repairs so he could still get to class. He explained to Jennifer that with one quick and easy online application she could be guaranteed approval for the short term personal loan for college students that she needed, even with her bad credit. Tribal Loans Direct never runs a credit check or even verifies employment. 

Jennifer came to our website and completed our fast and simple application form in just a few minutes. In less than 24 hours she was connected with a loan provider who was ready to help her get the money for her textbooks and class materials as soon as possible. THe loan provider helped Jennifer find the loan amount, interest rate and repayment schedule that worked for her. We always make sure that every loan agreement is 100% transparent with no hidden loopholes or tricks and that you have a very clear picture of your loan repayment plan. We are here to help, not to trick college students into loans they cannot afford. Jennifer was confident in her choice to get a loan with Tribal Loans Direct, she knew exactly how to pay it back and that she would be able to. In less than a day Jennifer had the cash she needed in her account to buy all of her books and supplies and still had more than enough time to start her nursing career off on the right foot and on schedule!


Benjamin D. from Indianapolis is a hard working college student. He always does all of his school work early and participates in many extracurricular activities and intramural sports teams. He doesn’t have a job right now so he can focus on his studies and made sure to find enough scholarships to cover all of his tuition and expenses so he didn’t have to work while he was in school. While Benjamin is a great planner and a great student, he had a problem. His roommate was terrible! He never cleaned up after himself, left garbage and food all over the apartment and left his dirty clothes all over the place. The roommate slept all day and partied and played very loud music all night long. 

It was the middle of the semester and Benjamin’s lease went on for a few more months but he simply could not take it any more and his roommate was very clear that he would not change his behavior at all even when Benjamin asked him nicely. At his wits end, Benjamin looked into how much it would cost to end his lease early and to get a new place with better roommates. Wow! That was a lot of money that he did not have available right now. He was very good at budgeting but this would be a large expense that he just could not cover right now. Where would he get that kind of money right now? 

“I am so fed up with my roommate, he’s just terrible,” Benjamin was complaining to his friends. They asked him why he did not just move and he explained the high expense of ending his lease and putting down a new security deposit. One of his friends had the perfect suggestion. She had used Tribal Loans Direct last year to help pay some medical bills after an accident and she highly recommended them. Benjamin came to our site to check us out. He was so pleased to discover that he was guaranteed for approval, even without a job! Tribal Loans Direct can match you with lenders that can provide long term emergency loans for unemployed college students, even up to $5000! 

One simple, quick application form is all you need to fill out to be paired with the loan provider who will help you get the cash you need as soon as possible, sometimes even the same day. No employment verification or credit check is ever used, everyone is guaranteed for approval! Short term personal loans for unemployed college students and long term installment loans for unemployed college students are available to you now, all you have to do is apply! We will match you with a loan provider who can help you find the perfect loan for your needs whether is a small, short term personal loan for unemployed college students that could be paid back in as little as 1 month or a large loan of $2000, $3000 or even $5000 that can be paid back over 12 months, 18 months, 24 months or even as long as 36 months or more!

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