6 home remedies for white teeth

Everyone wishes white and healthy teeth, but not everyone dares to appeal to various chemical treatments or aggressive tooth whitening products. There are a few tricks you can use to neutralize this unwanted effect on teeth and help you have whiter teeth. Simple tricks, quick remedies that you can prepare yourself at home, but do NOT REMOVE visits to your dentist, which should be done regularly, and its recommendations.

So here are the 6 home remedies for white teeth:

Tea tree oil for a pleasant respiration

Tea tree oil has gained its reputation for effective antiseptic in the fight against infections, but its uses are extremely varied. For a pleasant breath and effective cleaning of your teeth, dizova 5 drops of essential tea tree oil into half a glass of water and rinse your mouth with this mixture every day after you brush your teeth. To enhance the effect, clean your teeth directly with this oil once or twice a week.

Strawberry massage

Take a strawberry (or two) and crush it with a spoon in a small pot. Then mix it with the finest salt (if you could grind it, it would be great), put the mix on the toothbrush and massage your teeth with delicate, then rinse out of abundance. In order not to affect your enamel, use this cleaning method once every two, three weeks.

Coconut oil miracle

Among the countless uses of coconut oil are tooth whitening in the easiest way. Apply a little coconut oil on your teeth before brushing them, let it work for 15-20 minutes, then use your toothpaste to clean them. Repeat the scheme twice a week and within a few months you will notice the first differences.

Use banana peel

Yes, that’s right! The banana peel, which we all hurry to throw in the basket, is effective when it comes to tooth whitening. Massage your teeth with the inside of the shell, then brush with toothpaste and rinse out of abundance!

Lemon mouthwash

This DIY mouthwash will gradually help your teeth become whiter, while your breath will be getting fresh. Mix lemon juice and salt and use the solution to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth. Call this method twice a week, but try to avoid it if you have inflammations or infections in the mouth.

The green solution: aloe vera

To get a white smile from Hollywood, use freshly squeezed juice of aloe vera or use an aloe vera gel. Apply on teeth, massage with toothbrush, and then rinse with water. After a few weeks, your teeth will shine!

Do not forget: your teeth’s health is extremely important and, as usual, prevention is always a better option than treating. Correct hygiene (brushing two or three times a day, using mouthwash and dental floss) keeps your teeth healthy, but there are other factors that can influence how your teeth look like (coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and many other foods ), and their effects are often inevitable.

Remedies from grandmother: White and beautiful teeth with pantry products

A highly used and effective remedy is lemon. Once a week cut a thick slice of lemon and rub the toothbrush in it. Then rinse your mouth thoroughly. Repeat the process for at least 5 minutes. If you have severe pain, go to your dentist to see if you have oral health problems. After applying lemon, wash thoroughly to remove citric acid, which can attack the tooth enamel. You can even use lemon juice to rinse teeth. Add 1/3 lemon juice and 2/3 water. This method can be used daily in the morning.

Salt, sodium bicarbonate and vinegar.

Another well-known remedy is sodium bicarbonate. This white powder is only used once a week, after normal evening brushing.

Even if they’re a little expensive now, you can also use strawberries to whiten your teeth and refresh your breath. Make a paste of strawberry and sodium bicarbonate to rub your teeth once a week.
Rub your teeth with orange or lemon peel, breed and dry. The bark can also be mixed with basil or sage leaves. It’s a slow whitening process, but with very good results. After rubbing your teeth, wash your teeth normally. After a few months you will see the results.

Salt is most commonly used for teeth whitening. You can use the kitchen salt, simply sprinkling it on the toothpaste on the brush, both in the morning and in the evening. At the same time, you can mix the salt with some crushed coal and then massage your teeth with this dust. The solution can irritate the gum. Take care!

Even if it seems stranger, vinegar is also a good remedy. Mix apple vinegar with a little salt and half a teaspoon of baking powder. Massage your teeth with a brush soaked in the paste and rinse thoroughly with water.

The apple vinegar combination with olive oil is also good. Mix in a bowl a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil and a teaspoon of apple vinegar. Afterwards, soften the brush in this combination and wash your teeth. Do not use the method too often, because excess vinegar can affect the tooth enamel.

Other household solutions

Hydrogen peroxide bleaches teeth. Rinse a few times a month, but not more often. If you want to use it several times, dilute it with water, rinse your mouth for 1 minute, then rinse thoroughly with water.

Another beneficial combination is obtained from half a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate, a salt peak and a drop of essential mint oil. Brush your teeth with this mixture. The sodium bicarbonate particles will act as a grinder on the surface of the teeth and will clean them in depth. In addition, in combination with water, this blend will reduce any enamel stains.

Another natural remedy is to clean the teeth with hard ash. This helps to teeth whitening because it contains potassium hydroxide, which acts as a whitening agent. But it is not recommended in the long run because potassium damages the tooth enamel.

Coal gives brilliance to teeth

Coal is very good in whitening teeth that have lost their shine. It is an old method, especially used in rural areas. Effects only appear if it is applied for a longer period of time. How are you doing? Slowly rub your teeth for 30 seconds to one minute with coal ash, rinse with water and then wash your teeth with the brush as you usually do. There is also the powdery form of coal, which you can find in pharmacies.

Home remedies against sunburns

In the case of prolonged exposure to the sun without being protected by a sunscreen cream, but also because of the administration of photosensitizing drugs or in pregnancy, pigment spots may appear on the skin.

Today we offer you some natural dishes that you can easily prepare and apply at home.

Homogenize a spoonful of turmeric powder with a little grapefruit juice until you get a paste. Apply this paste on the clean face and let it work until it is completely dry. Remove with lukewarm water.
Apply cold pressed seed oil to clean skin. It can successfully replace the evening cream, being also a good moisturizer for your skin. It is also recommended for dermatitis, aging skin, psoriasis, scars left by acne.
Homogenize a teaspoon of cosmetic clay with 1-2 drops of lemon juice and crushed green parsley as smooth as possible. Apply on clean skin and let it work for 30 minutes. Remove with lukewarm water.
Crush two green yarry as finely as possible, add two drops of lemon juice (optional) and put a teaspoon of this mixture into a sterile, double-woven gauze. Attach the ends with a thread and buffer the skin. When the film is dry, buff it again. Repeat for half an hour, then rinse the skin with lukewarm water.
Apply one of the treatments mentioned above daily.

The treatment is lasting, depending on the age of the stains and their extent, so argue with much patience.

Also, to prevent the appearance of new stains and accentuate the old ones, use a SPF 50+ cream every day, regardless of the season.

What you have to do to annihilate the negative energies in your home. Master Feng Shui teaches you!

Feng Shui is a 6,000-year-old science that deals with the layout of the space we live in from the energy point of view. Thus, in addition to the energies that change every 20 years and which only a specialist can calculate, there are also annual energies that can also influence our lives.
“The most affected area of ​​a home, city, country, continent will be the northern area, because there will come the energy of obstacles, misery, that energy meant to block our actions. At the same time, if we are sleeping in the northern area of ​​the house or have an entry in this cardinal direction, the more we can be influenced. The Feng Shui remedy for annihilation of obstacle energy is putting a water and salt bowl in the north of the house. This water will change every week. Also, the metal (metal objects) placed in this area will also repair the energy of the obstacles.
In the west of the house this year will attack the energy of the disease and to be annihilated, we also have to put a saltwater pot or metal objects on the west.
In the eastern area of ​​the house will come the energy of legal problems, problems with papers, and problems related to the oral cavity, eg problems with teething, recurrent herpes, we can be exposed to gossip, envy. To remedy this, we need to add wood elements to the eastern area of ​​the house. Traditionally, bamboos are used in water and in transparent glass, not in the ground and not in the pebbles. We have to put in the eastern zone 1, 3, 4 or 11 bambuşi, the power increasing according to their number. It also pointed out that bamboo, contrary to what is believed, are not lucky plants, but are used in Feng Shui just because they represent the wood element and are very easy to maintain.
In the Southwest, there is a negative energy that can bring cold breathing problems and problems in the head area, as well as legal issues. The remedies wood element and the element is water: wood or plant object put in the water (for example, 3, 4 or 11 bamboo transparent water vessel), objects black, blue, green, turquoise. They are placed in the southwestern area of ​​the house.”

Home Remedies for Common Problems

Summer is the season of insect bites and sunburn. To treat them, you can go to the classical treatments in the pharmacy, or try the natural cures you usually find in the kitchen. Here’s what they are!
Banana bark for stinging
You are the favorite of the nuns and do not go anywhere without an anti-inflammatory cream. To reduce the inflammation and relieve itching, the banana peel is wondrous. Wash the prickle with water and soap and gently massage it with the inside of a banana peel for five minutes. Do not delete the debris, but let them act in depth so the sting will disappear faster.
Vinegar softens sunburns
You did not even realize when you burned, but now it’s unbearable. For a faster cure, vinegar helps you because it contains acetic acid, a basic aspirin component with properties in reducing inflammation and relieving asthma. Embroider a towel with water and apple vinegar and apply it to the affected areas until it dries. Repeat this treatment until the redness is removed.
Aloe vera fixes makeup
High temperatures are a fire test for makeup resistance, which in most cases crashes. Applied before makeup, aloe vera gel reduces sebum production and allows makeup to remain intact for a long time. In addition, it has anti-microbial properties that help treat acne.

Top 5 medicines that you should have in your home

Surely you also have a cabinet filled with various medicines and other products useful in case of minor domestic injuries or minor health problems. That is, caution does not hurt.

But have you ever questioned what medications you must always have in your home and who can “save” you from the little inconveniences that appear exactly when your world is dearest? Below is a useful top:

Anti-inflammatory drugs (such as those based on ibuprofen or acetylsalicylic acid) are extremely useful in treating various types of pain (chronic pain, menstrual pain, headaches and migraines, dental pain, etc.)
If aspirin is contraindicated, paracetamol may be used due to simultaneous treatment with anticoagulants or uricosuric (used to treat gout), haemophilia, gastrointestinal disorders or even digestive intolerance to acetylsalicylic acid.

Anti-febrile drugs (such as paracetamol), suitable for body temperature rises. Paracetamol is indicated for the treatment of pain after some surgery, sprains, fractures, dislocations, dental neuralgia.

Antidiarrheal medicines (based on loperamide). Certain emergencies are always coming unannounced! The reverse of the medal can appear as unexpected, so it would not hurt to have drugs or laxative syrup.

Antihistaminic medications effective against allergies so disturbing, especially in the first summer and autumn.

Antacid or digestive drugs, for stomach burns, but also antispasmodic, useful in treating cramps and abdominal discomfort in general.

One very important thing is that this place dedicated to “doftorii” is not out of reach of children! Also, it is advisable to place it in places free of humidity and excessive heat (ideal temperature is 15-22 ° C, except for refrigeration).

Do not forget to check the maturity date of your medication when and when it’s a good idea to keep your original cans or containers at your fingertips.

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