Life if full of ups and downs, good times and bad. Sometimes you just need a little extra help to get through the low points and you don’t always have the resources to do it the traditional way. Tribal Loans Direct can help you out of a financial pinch with a customized, short term personal loan – guaranteed, even with bad credit. Are you looking for a short term payday loan to get you through a difficult financial time but have bad credit, no credit or no job? No problem! Tribal Loans Direct can quickly match you with an expert lender ready to help you find the perfect loan for you with the best terms and repayment plans, no credit check or income verification ever!

Our compassionate, reliable and experienced lenders are standing by to get you the cash you need today as soon as possible. Simply fill out our quick and easy online application today and a lender will contact you within 24 hours to walk you through the process of finding the ideal loan for your emergency. We have dozens of variable repayment plans that have terms ranging from a few weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 month and 36 months or more! There is a plan for you and we can’t wait to help you find it so you can get away from worrying about your financial emergency and back to living and enjoying your life. 

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Everyone wishes they had perfect credit and never missed a payment or forgot a bill. But no one in the world is perfect and that’s Ok! Do you have bad credit, no credit or no job? People experience all types of circumstances in life and everyone’s journey and path is different. Each person is still deserving of help in their times of need and entitled to receive that help with dignity and sincerity. At Tribal Loans Direct we strive to help everyone who needs a little boost to get by, no matter what their personal credit or employment history. You need financial help and we are here to provide it – guaranteed approval with no credit check or employment verification. 

Keith S. from St. Louis is a hard working, dedicated young man who has fallen into some unfortunate times. Keith is very good at working with and fixing computers but has always had trouble holding down a steady job due to long term physical chronic illness. Keith tried to save whatever money he could but his medical bills were always high and just kept on coming every month. He was getting by alright but when a tree fell on the room of his home, he did not know where to turn for financial help. 

Traditional banks and loans just did not seem like an option that Keith had available to him. He was between jobs and had so many other expenses. His credit is not very good and all of the places that Keith through to look for help turned him away due to his poor credit and unemployment. We at Tribal Loans Direct believe in helping people like Keith who just need a helping hand to get through a financial emergency, even with bad credit. 

Luckily, one of Keith’s friends suggest Tribal Loans Direct to him so he came to check out our website. Keith filled out or very simple application in less than 5 minutes, answering just a few personal questions and a few questions about the loan he was looking for. With this quick and easy application Tribal Loans Direct were able to match Keith with a lender ready to work with him to get him the cash he needed to fix his roof right away. A lender contacted Keith the same day he applied and he had the funds he required in his account within 24 hours! We’re so happy we could help a person like Keith take a weight off his chest and know that he would be able to fix his house and continue to live in his home.


Loans, loan terms and repayment plans can be confusing and hard to understand. Tribal Loans Direct believes in clear and honest disclosures of all loan terms and knows you should never accept a loan that you do not understand the repayment terms for.  Our amazing lending experts and standing by waiting for your application so they can help match you to the best loan terms and payment plan for your budget and circumstance and they always make sure you understand your loan and its terms and you are comfortable with your repayment plan. 

Sometimes you just need a small amount of cash to get you through to next week’s paycheck. We can do that! We have short term payday loans that you can pay back in just weeks. Don’t let bad credit stop you from applying for a short term payday loan – we guarantee approval for our applicants and our lending experts are more than happy to work with you to set up the ideal short term payday loan that you need right now. 

What do you do if you need a larger amount of money or you need a longer term to make your repayment? We are experts in finding the perfect loan amount and terms, interest rates and repayment schedule to meet all of your needs! Lenders can work with you to set up long term installment plans such as 3 month installment loans, 6 month installment loans, 12 month installment loans, 18 month installment loans, 24 month installment loans and even 36+month installment loans. There is  a perfect loan for you waiting today, all you have to do is fill out our easy to use application and be matched with one of our friendly, helpful lenders today!

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Andrea L. from Boston recently went through a divoce. She had married her college sweetheart but after fifteen years and three kids, it just was not working out for them any longer. It is very difficult to restart a life in your fifties and Andrea did an amazing job of pulling herself together and continuing to support and provide for her three children. Divorce can be extremely difficult on your personal finances and it did not spare Andrea this fate. Her divorce had ruined her credit and although she had a job, Andrea was unprepared for a financial emergency. 

When the hot water heater in her new town house broke unexpectedly one night Andrea did not know what to do! She did not have the cash available to replace the appliance but she could not leave it unfixed! There were children in the house and they needed to be able to use hot water. Andrea was very worried that would not be able to get a traditional bank loan to cover the cost of repairs and replacing the hot water heater due to her bad credit. 

A friendly neighbor saw that Andrea was in distress and suggested Tribal Loans DIrect to her. “I can’t qualify for a loan! I have terrible credit because of my divorce.” Andrea told her neighbor. The neighbour was a satisfied customer of Tribal Loans Direct and eagerly told Andrea all about his easy, fast and reliable service from Tribal Loans Direct and how we had helped him the year before when he needed an emergency personal auto repair loan for people with bad credit. So Andrea came to our website and filled out our secure, lightning fast application online and we were hard at work matching her to a lender who was waiting with the perfect emergency loan for her. 

Andrea was able to speak with a lender over the phone in less than 24 hours from her application and already had guaranteed approval for a short term installment loan to help her cover the cost of her home repairs. Her lender worked tirelessly to make sure they found the perfect loan for Andrea that matched the loan amount she needed, and reasonable, clear and understandable loan and repayment terms over a period of 6 months. Thanks to Tribal Loans Direct Andrea had the money she needed for her emergency home repair in less than 24 hours and the time she needed to pay it back. She was able to have her hot water heater replaced the very next day and her children never even knew it was broken. 

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If you’re looking for fast cash and emergency loan assistance, you need it now. You have an emergency and you need to be able to cover your bills or maybe even just rent to get you through to the next month. You don’t have time to go into a bank and go through a long, complicated loan application with so many hoops to jump through just to be rejected and turned down due to bad credit and or unemployment. This is just frustrating and can make you feel like you don’t deserve the help you so desperately need. The great news is that there is another way to get the fast cash you need now for your financial emergency – no credit check or employment verification!

Tribal Loans Direct is a fast and easy service that matches you with lenders that are ready to help you and want you to succeed. All you have to do is fill out some simple personal information and answer a few questions about the loan you are looking for and we can guarantee approval for loans like small short term payday loans and even 12 month installment plan loans of  large amounts. We are here for you in your time of need! Tribal Loans Direct never runs a credit check or employment verification so your approval is still guaranteed even if you have low credit, no credit or are unemployed.

Juan D. from Phoenix is a college student who is putting himself through school. He works and studies hard and is doing very well in school, he wants to be an engineer. But school books are so expensive and living costs just keep going up. Juan is working as much as he can while still having all the time he needs to study and keep making the excellent grades he’s used to. He was totally unprepared when his car was completely totaled while it was parked on the street outside his apartment! Of course, Juan was happy that he was safe and uninjured, but he needed his car to get to work and the insurance company could not give him enough money for a new car to replace it. 

No one could really help Juan with personal loan, he didn’t have much family and all of his friends were also college students just getting by. Working more hours to help save up to buy a new car was impossible and Juan needed the new car right now! He didn’t know where to turn, traditional banks wouldn’t give him a loan due to his bad credit and using a ride sharing service to get to work was so expensive! One day Juan was telling his favorite professor about his financial troubles and how desperately he needed a long term installment loan to pay for a new car. The professor know just what to tell Juan!

Tribal Loans Direct is exactly the solution that Juan’s professor suggested to him. We have a quick and easy application process that is all online, a great option for a young tech savvy college student. All of our applications are guaranteed for approval, which is exactly what Juan needed to get back into the swing of things at work and at school so he could achieve his dream of being an engineer. Juan filed out our simple application and was contacted by an eager-to-help lender in less than 24 hours. They reviewed Juan’s situation together and were able to find the perfect loan for Juan with the right amount of assistance and the best repayment plan in the clearest term so Juan knew exactly what he had to do! Thanks to Tribal Loans Direct Juan got the long term emergency loan he needed even with bad credit and was able to move on from this financial crisis and continue with his life!

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