Its every pet parent’s worst nightmare. Your pet is sick in the middle of the night and now you’re stuck with an enormous veterinary bill and no way to pay it. No need to worry, Tribal Loans Direct is here to solve all of your emergency vet care bill problems now! Tribal Loans Direct can provide installment loans of up to $5000 with terms over 12 months, 18 months, 24 months or even 36 + months.  Bad credit, no credit or unemployed? No need to worry – Tribal Loans Direct can provide guaranteed approval for an emergency personal loan for people with bad credit!

The last thing you want to worry about when your best furry friend is sick is how you’re going to pay for his treatment. Especially if you have bad credit and cannot get a traditional bank loan. Where can you turn? Try Tribal Loans Direct, our simple online application takes only a few minutes and you will be matched with a lender within 24 hours who can help you find the ideal loan for your situation. Our lenders will work with you to determine the amount of money you need, and give you clear and easy to understand loan repayment terms.

Tribal Loans direct is fast, easy and reliable. Just fill out the online application by answering a few simple personal questions and giving us some information about the emergency loan you are looking for. Within 24 hours of submission one of our friendly and helpful lenders will contact you to set up your long term installment loan and you could have the cash you need in your account by tonight!

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In this day and age people take their pets very seriously. Our pets are like our children and we do everything in our power to make sure their lives are happy and healthy. Even when we take the best care of our pets as possible, things can go wrong. May Fido eats a whole box of valentines chocolates or Mittens falls off of a tall dresser and breaks her leg. Most people don’t have a few thousand dollars sitting around waiting for an emergency, so what are you to do when you find yourself with a pet emergency and no way to pay for it?

You can turn to Tribal Loans Direct. We specialize in providing short term personal installment loans for people with bad credit and long term personal installment loans for people with bad credit. We just want to see your beloved pet getting the care they need and lack of credit or employment should not be a barrier to their recovery. We never run a credit check or employment verification, and every customer is automatically guaranteed approval for the short term installment loan or long term installment loan that they need.  We know how much your pet means to you and we are standing by to help you help them! Let’s work together to get your pet back to their usual peppy self and our of the veterinary hospital as soon as possible. Just fill out our easy to use, lightning fast online application form to get started right now. 


Duke is a German shepherd mix who lives in Orlando with his loving pet parent Tony. Tony rescued Duke from a local pet shelter three years ago and they have been inseparable since. Duke  has so much energy so Tony and Duke go on two or three long walks every day and Duke’s favorite thing to do is go to the dog park to run around and play fetch. Duke is always happy and energetic, excited to meet people and loves to make friends.

Tony was devastated to find out that Duke had strange tumor in his chest when he took the dog to the vet for his annual exam. The vet wanted to do a lot of expensive imaging and tests to determine what was wrong with Duke. Tony had a little bit of savings so he knew he could cover the cost of these exploratory tests. Unfortunately, the results of the tests were bad and the vet wanted to operate on Duke right away to remove the tumor. This surgery was going to cost $3000 and Tony knew that he didn’t have the cash on hand to pay for it, and with his bad credit history he did not know how he would get a loan to cover the surgery for his best friend. 

Going to a traditional bank was not really an option for Tony. He knew that at a bank he would have to fill out a lot of complicated paperwork to start a loan application. It could take days to get an approval decision and they would certainly run a credit check and employment verification check. The vet needed Tony to pay for the surgery as soon as possible, so the slow, complicated process at the bank was never going to help him, and besides, he was sure that his bad credit would keep him from being approved for a loan from the bank. Tony was at the end of his rope and was desperate for money to help pay for Duke’s emergency veterinary bills. 

Fortunately, Tony found Tribal Loans Direct. At Tribal Loans Direct we match you with a lender who is ready to get you fast cash, as soon as tonight. Tony quickly and easily filled out our online application form and he was on his way to having the money he needed for his emergency vet bills for Duke, his beloved dog. Tony heard back from a loan provider in less than 24 hours, and the friendly service provider was able to set Tony up with a $3000 loan with a long term installment plan to pay it back easily over the next 24 months. The expert lending associate also made sure that Tony knew and understood all of the terms of his loan and repayment plan before they closed the deal so there were no hidden surprises or loopholes in his contract. Only exactly the terms that helped him to pay for Duke’s emergency surgery and the clear and comfortable repayment plan. 

The best part is that at Tribal Loans Direct everyone is guaranteed for approval, regardless of credit history or employment. Tony’s bad credit did not stop him from helping Duke, his beloved German Shepherd because Tony was able to get a  safe and secure personal loan for emergencies for people with bad credit through Tribal Loans Direct. We never run a credit check or employment verification. So if you have bad credit, no credit or are unemployed, we can still help you get the cash you need today for the financial emergency in your life right now. Today, Duke is doing very well and has completely recovered from his surgery – it turns out the tumor was not as dangerous as the vet had throught, so they removed it and Duke was back to his happy, energetic self in no time.  “I was so afraid of losing Duke if I couldn’t find the money for his operation,” Tony told us. “Thanks to Tribal Loans Direct we were able to act quickly to find out what was wrong with Duke and get him feeling better as soon as possible.” 

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Bad credit can happen to anyone, life can be difficult and everyone’s situations are different. Its OK if you have bad credit, we know you are trying your best to improve your life and your finances and you’re just not quite there yet. Good for you, keep going! On your journey to a better and more stable financial life you might come across a hurdle that you just can’t get over on your own. But don’t let bad credit stop you from getting by anyway! Tribal Loans Direct can and will help you get through your financial emergency with our fast and easy process, approval guaranteed, even if you are unemployed or have bad credit. 

Sarah P. lives in New York City with her two small dogs, Ricky and Lucy. They live on the fourth floor of a large apartment complex that opens up onto a very busy street. Sarah has had a hard time keeping a good job recently and her credit score has gotten pretty low as she has been struggling. Her two dogs have always been there for her, since she got them while she was in college, and they help keep life happy and interesting for Sarah. They are a perfect little family. 

One afternoon when Sarah arrived home from work she accidentally left her front door open. The door was not open for very long, but it was just enough time for Ricky and Lucy to wiggle their way out into the hallway. Before Sarah knew it, they were off and running for the stairs, they just wanted to go play outside! As soon as Sarah realized that the dogs had left the apartment she went running after them, as fast as she could, calling their names. When she got to the front lobby of the apartment building she found that the Ricky had stopped to greet a neighbour who was checking her mail, but she could see Lucy heading out the front door. 

Right our in front of the apartment building Sarah found that Lucy had been hit by a bicycle and was in need of immediate emergency veterinary care. Sarah rushed Lucy to the closest vet hospital and got her the help she needed right away. Even though she was terribly worried about Lucy being OK, Sarah couldn’t help but also worry about how she was going to pay for such an expensive emergency procedure for her dog. She knew she didn’t have the money saved up to pay the vet, and she was unsure if she would even qualify for a loan from her bank because of her spotty employment history and bad credit. 

Sarah found Tribal Loans Direct online and was so pleased with our excellent customer reviews she knew she had found the perfect solution to her emergency financial problem. Sarah filled out our quick and easy application form online and we were able to match her with a lender ready to help her with a long term installment loan right away. She was contacted within 24 hours and had the money she needed for her emergency veterinary bills later that day. Lucy was well on her way to recovery and Sarah had the perfect long term installment loan for people with bad credit that she needed. 


We all find ourselves needing some financial help from time to time. There are so many unforeseen circumstances that might come up and Tribal Loans Direct is here to help you when you need a long term installment loan or short term installment loan. We offer loans in a variety of amounts and with a wide range of terms and repayment plans. We can offer everything from small value short term payday loans that you can pay back in just 3 weeks, middle value loans for amounts like $1000 with a repayment plan over 12 months to even large amounts up to $5000 with repayment plans as long as 36 months or more.  Our lending experts will be able to match you to the perfect loan amount and repayment plan quickly and easily with no credit check or employment verification!

Tribal Loans Direct can help with all sorts of emergency financial needs – not just emergency veterinary care bill! We have specialized loan programs to help you with financial emergencies like auto repair loans, medical bill loans, emergency loans for college students, small payday loans to help get you through to your next paycheck and so many more! We never run a credit check or employment verification so every applicant is guaranteed approval and quick and easy service with a helpful and straightforward loan provider who is just here to help!

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